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When hears the term plumbing rooter their minds immediately think of clogged drains and massive water blockage.  People through the years have tried to free the drain and allow the water to flow on down, only to find it beyond their ability.  Easy clogs are ones near the drain opening; these are the kinds that most people can unclog.  The harder clogs are ones that are deep within the pipe that only a professional with a drain auger can reach.

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A plumbing rooter is also called a drain auger.  Having a clear drain is essential for water to drain properly.  To clear a stubborn clog in a pipe it is advisable to call a professional who specializes in clearing drains.  Roto rooter is one of these companies that can clear stubborn drains.  Their people use a larger version of the standard plumbing rooter that average people can buy in the stores.  These massive machines weigh a ton but can clear a drain over a hundred feet deep.

There are a number of companies that specialize in using a plumbing rooter to clear a drain clog.  Many of them can be found on the internet or in the phone book.  It is always best to check with them on cost, especially if it is the middle of the night or on a weekend.  In order for the company to come and use their plumbing rooter on a clog they may charge extra for night or weekend services.  Many of the plumbing rooter companies are available seven days a week 24 hours a day.

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Companies that specialize in using plumbing rooter tools are highly trained professionals and are good at what they do.  When they come to your home they will need access to what is called a clean out.  The clean out is where they access the pipes under the house.  The plumber will take the head of the plumbing rooter tool and push it into the clean out opening.  The plumber will then start to push the cable of the plumbing rooter tool in the pipe until it reaches the clog.  The plumbing rooter tool is designed to burrow right through the clog like a drill through wood.  There is nothing to worry about when the plumbing rooter is in use, it is designed not to damage the pipes.  If the clog is caused by a tree the plumbing rooter will remove the root as well. Plumber Fairfax VA.

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